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Start thinking digitally to continue being relevant and profitable! In a digital world, there is more competition than you may realise.


Whether you’re a traditional retailer, a service business, a wholesaler or even an Internet start-up, there are many ways you can use e-commerce to reach more customers and increase sales

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Meet your Customers’ Expectations Acquiring new customers is not the only way to grow your business. You need to be able to retain your current customers by listening to them and meeting their criteria

Read about our team, history and philosophy so you can understand why we are not just the best choice for your marketing, but the only choice!

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Cool Webing is a social tech enterprise that provides digital solutions to small businesses and community-based organisations to innovate the way they communicate and interact with customers. Our digital solutions include the design and development of customised mobile apps in both Android and iOS platform. We also design and develop mobile-friendly websites and ecommerce sites with a wide range of features and functionality aimed to automate processes and enhance users’ online experiences. …

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As a Conservatorium of Music, we required a very complicated website to be built. Cool Webing created a website for our business that encapsulated everything we need and was made within the parameters of what we envisaged. Would highly recommend.– Kate Thomas, NECOM

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